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Now you can learn to write NPR Reports specifically in the BAR Module. We start with an overview look at the BAR system by focusing on the data structures. We start at the very beginning, account creation and in simple terms follow the process thru to billing and final payment identifying at each stage the data structures used.

The difference between this training and our Fundmental series is the focus on specific BAR reporting topics. Our Fundmental series focuses on the technical / programming subjects (fields, arrays, macros etc.) while our new BAR series focuses onreporting topics like batch, balance, revenue and statistics reporting.

A working knowledge of all the corresponding Fundmental level data access techniques is assumed. The BAR topics will use the corresponding techniques in the reporting topics and advance in complexity as the levels increase. For example, we start with account balance reporting in Level I, advance to billed balances in Level II and and top out with trial balance reporting in Level II.

You can then continue through the various levels and keep going until you reach a level your comfortable with.

We have a long history of teaching non-programmers to write reports. You do not need to be a programmer or IT professional to avail of our training. Front line staff who have an interest in "doing" IT themselves are more than welcome.

We also specialize in teaching management NPR report writing so that they may better understand the process and capabilities of the systems they are managing.

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Prerequisites for the course

This course is designed to explore the inner workings of the module and you will need to have completed our fundamentals course or have the equivalent knowledge and experience.


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