Fundamentals Level III

1. Introduction to Macros

We do an overview of the report processing steps and how macros incorporate into the report at the various stages.

2. The Macro Editor
A review of the macro editor is done with a view to making sure you know all the features and how to use them.
3. Macro Examples
We do various examples starting with a thorough basic example that makes sure you know how the macros are called and how they return values and/or affect the report output.
4. Intro to MV Arrays
MV stands for multiple values and while you may have looked at multiples before now we will show you how to get complete control over them.
5. MV Array Examples

Practical real world examples are done to fully illustrate their usefulness.

6. Intro to Advanced Line Attributes

Extra Code Beginning (ECB) and Extra Code Ending (ECE) attributes are introduced. They may sound a little on the funny side but these attributes sure help get the serious reports done.

7. Advanced Line Attributes Example
Once again we use a practical example that illustrate their real world usefulness.


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