Fundamentals Level IV

1. Reading Object Code


The object code is the machine readable code that the computer processes so it's not exactly "pretty". But it is often very necessary. Want to guess how the system communicates with you when it runs into an error?

Hint...It's not English!

When your report runs into trouble it responds using the object code so we teach you how to read and utilize the object code as your initial troubleshooting tool.


2. Debugger


Now that you have some idea of what the object code means we expand a little farther and go over how to use the debugger that comes with your system.


3. HL7 Lite

It may not be common knowledge but the NPR Report Writer is perfectly capable of producing HL7 formatted messages.

We provide a fully functioning HL7 ADT NPR Report that batches those messages into a file. We then use that as a learning tool to explore creating other HL7 variations.

4. Initializing Reports From Standard


Ask anybody, 95% of the reports you create with the Initialize From Standard routine do not work. They will need some adjustment to get them working and that's exactly what we cover.

Once you know a few techniques and combine it with what you've already learned these reports won't look near as intimidating.


5. Techniques for Crossing Applications

There are ways to open links to other modules and we cover how to do it safely. Fragments are fine but links are "faster".


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