Live training, the old tried and true method, still has advantages in certian situations. No single method of training is right for everybody and for every situation. Some of the advantages are as follows:

Larger Groups

Live training can accommodate larger numbers of people. If you have to train a large group at the same time and they can be assembled in one place this may be the way to go.


Our live training can integrate consulting and training in one package. This is where we can provide customized training that targets in on a specific area that is unique to your organization.

Course Layout

  • Course start/end times are up to the client.

  • No limit to the number of people in the class.

  • You are encouraged to bring along problem reports

    • If suitable they will be used in class, otherwise assistance towards a solution will be provided

  • Specs for reports are also welcome.

    • If suitable they will be used in class, otherwise guidance will be provided

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