On-Line Training

On-line training has some definite advantages. However, no single method of training is right for everybody and for every situation. Some of the advantages are as follows:

Eliminates Travel Expenses 
Only a web-enabled computer and a set of speakers is required to take classes. On-line training completely eliminates travel expenses.

Train Dispersed Groups
Unlike classroom-based seminars and conferences. On-line lets you reach and teach people in different locations -- without the need for multiple instructors, complex scheduling and the staging costs that go with them. On-line training maximizes productivity and minimizes the impact on your budget.

Rapid Deployment
On-line training can be deployed to a diverse group in different locations at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to set up a conventional training seminar. We can provide training as needed, to those that need it.........in record time.

Remote Control Tech Support Option
We provide tech support by viewing the desktop of participant computers....with their permission of course. This allows us to provide real time support and maximizes the training potential time by quickly resolving problems.

Flexible Schedules 
Our schedules are flexible and designed to meet your requirements. Our on-line courses are spaced over multiple sessions to minimize impact on the employee's work schedule.

Course Layout

  • The course uses an interactive web session.
  • No long distance charges...Only a set of speakers is required for audio..
  • Courses are delivered over two on-line sessions twice a week for two weeks.
  • Sessions are 2 1/2 to 3 hours in length depending on the course.
  • Participants have unlimited access to all the course material on our resource web.
    • This allows for individual previewing and reviewing of material.
  • Instructor support via e-mail is provided during the entire course period.

For More Information: support@nprtraining.com